Israeli Smart Mobility startup RFISee and German CarFellows got funded by the end of 2018. Investment activity of motec ventures will pick up in Q1 2019.

Due to highly attractive opportunities by the end of 2018 motec ventures has started to invest earlier than expected. Backed by initiators’ commitments two transactions have been carried out in Germany and Israel in the Smart Mobility sector, a major focus area of motec. Geza Brugger, Managing Director of motec ventures confirms: “The pipeline is filled. We see more and more interesting investment opportunities from all over Europe, ranging from E-Mobility to platform / data driven businesses.” The investment was closed with international private industry co-investors, one major German “Mittelstand” company and a tech-oriented family office.

More investments in Q1 2019
motec ventures and its founding companies e&Co. and Venionaire Capital have proven their in-depth technology and sector knowledge, which has already attracted investors from various areas. “We are confident to structure further investments in Q1 2019, as the fund will be backed by additional external investors out of our close network”, adds Berthold Baurek-Karlic, also Managing Director of motec ventures and CEO of Venionaire Capital. According to Baurek-Karlic the current deal pipeline for 2019 consists of further hand-selected hidden opportunities, which are ready to keep scaling. The Board of Management around Geza Brugger and Berthold Baurek-Karlic is delighted to talk about further enquiries towards the second closing.

The funded firms in focus
RFISee, an Israeli company founded through the DRIVE Accelerator of the Technion Institute of Technology in Haifa, is developing the world’s first 4D imaging-radar-on-1-chip, providing the next generation of ears and eyes for autonomous vehicles, drones, robots etc. The high-resolution and low-cost radar sensor will generate real-time 3D location and velocity maps of cars’ surrounding objects, enabling a mass market of safer cars that will massively disrupt the transportation industry with new business models. Radars are one of the key technologies for autonomous cars, as they are highly robust and working in all weather, light and dirt conditions – being the reason, why military and defense applications usually choose this technology.

CarFellows is a joint venture between a German multi-brand dealer group and an industry leading team of auto entrepreneurs. The business model is to provide a seamless solution for B2B campaign and lead management plus direct customer online sales for used and new cars, as well as future service business. The company structure with a large dealer, owning more than 20 branches only in Germany, in the background allows CarFellows to perfectly integrate offline and online activities and offer the best service for the future Auto customer.


Picture: RFISee Technology Advantages | © RFISee

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